Unearthing Wellbeing

Unearthing Wellbeing // Dr Dana Cohen

July 7, 2021

This week I was lucky to have Doctor Dana Cohen on the podcast. She is a clinician, a doctor, specialising in internal medicine, who has worked side by side with the late Dr. Robert Atkins, a true pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. 

She has helped thousands of patients find relief from a variety of health problems utilizing the principles of integrative and functional medicine. She practices with an emphasis on the individual, understanding that no two patients are alike. Her results demonstrate that there is an art to medicine and a way to connect with patients on a level much deeper than what is achieved through mainstream medicine. She focuses on nutrition and limits her patients’ reliance on prescription medications by using diet, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplementation. 

This leads me to cases which she discussed that were rapidly improved by a simple staple we all have access to - water. She recently launched her first book “Quench” with coauthor Gina Bria, which has garnered rave reviews and has a cult following of devotees. 

Dr Cohen was such a lovely guest to have on, I think everyone will be reminded of the necessity in the simplicity - staying hydrated. She also gave amazing tips on staying hydrated in diverse ways - like making one of her smoothies! You can grab Dr. Cohen’s book and get more information surrounding holistic health and hydration on her website: https://drdanacohen.com

To find out the whole story, tune into this week's episode.   

Topics covered: hydration, water, quench, doctor dana cohen, dr.atikins, integrative medicine,, holistic health, self care, self care, 

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