Unearthing Wellbeing

Unearthing Wellbeing // Mason Taylor

June 30, 2021

This week I was delighted to have Founder and Co-CEO of Superfeast; Mason Taylor on the podcast. Why I was so excited to have Mason on was because I have been taking medicinal mushrooms for the past three years, and he was one of the people who has such a plethora of experience in this area. 

Mason is a wellness educator, avid sharer & inspirer. Host of the SuperFeast Podcast (as well as The Mason Taylor Show podcast), professional speaker & retreat facilitator, Mason is a passionate tonic herbalist & founder of Australia’s leading adaptogenic medicinal mushroom provider, SuperFeast. Mason is dedicated to teaching people of all walks of life how to embrace & benefit from the healing forces of nature as they create a unique & dynamic health philosophy. Mason’s energy & intent for a long & happy life is infectious. Mason also brings a refreshing & cheeky sense of humour to his talks, podcast & life, because longevity relies on a good belly laugh.

As this podcast is all about learning, discovery and holistic health, and we dig deep into this throughout the pod. I think everyone will enjoy this episode and take something from it. We speak about being our authentic selves and going with the ebbs and flows of life. 

Mason and I discussed what ‘medicinal mushrooms’ really are, how tree mushrooms are in fact tonic herbs and adaptogens which have such amazing benefits and I speak about my own personal experiences using them. Not to mention where they are harvested from and how they can help us be at our prime in all sense of the word. They are just so powerful. 

We also spoke about the important of optimal mental health and how so many around the world have been severely affected by this over the last year. Following on the importance to see practitioners in the field, albeit the limitations to seeking them on a financial level but also the fact that simple things like getting out in nature are not as readily promoted for our health. 

I won’t continue banging on about how crazy amazing this chat with Mason was, I implore you to take a listen yourself.  


To find out the whole story, tune into this week's episode.   

Topics covered: medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens, tonic herbs, mental health, suicidality, holistic health, self care, meditation, self care, 

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I really appreciate your support and hope you’ve got a lot out of this episode that will help you in your own quest of self discovery.

Sending love & light, Ask Elizabeth. 

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