Unearthing Wellbeing

Unearthing Wellbeing // Olivia Arezzolo

September 1, 2021

This week I was delighted to have Olivia Arezzolo on the podcast. She is Australia’s #1 Sleep Expert (Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology); Certificate of Sleep Psychology, Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine); Certificate of Fitness III + IV). 


With features on Forbes, The Today Show and BBC Radio, plus partnerships with global brands Sealy Posturepedic and Ikea, Olivia’s expertise is delivering straightforward, science based strategies to improve sleep.


In partnership with Bonnier Books UK, Olivia’s first book will be released in 2022.


She honestly and openly spoke about her experiences with depression, anxiety and eating disorders and how she is on the road to recovery now, claiming that these experiences she would not take back as they have made her who she is today.


Following on she explained the necessity for sleep on our overall holistic health. 


She explained how lack of sleep impacts different facets of our health including Alzheimer's, deprivation of collagen reproduction, cognitive speed and accuracy, increase of workplace accidents not to mention decision making and judgment being impaired. 


Olivia also outlines why our sleep patterns may not be at their optimal and how we can improve it, supplying us with amazing tips!!


As expressed in the podcast here is the eBook underlining her tips:



Take a listen to the podcast now and if you would like to find her on instagram here: 


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To find out the whole story, tune into this week's episode.   

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Sending love & light, Ask Elizabeth.

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